Bridge Swing Gate Turnstile Construction Site Ticket Checking Access Control System

Place of Origin Shenzhen,China
Brand Name Hongchuangwei
Certification CE
Model Number CW429
Minimum Order Quantity 2
Price USD400~800 per piece
Packaging Details wood cases
Delivery Time 5-8 working days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100 pieces per day

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Product Details
Passing Speed 20 Person/minute Protection Class IP55
Weight 65KG Motor Brushless Motor
Type High Quality IP Protection Level 42
Communication Interface RS485/RS232 Serial Interface Communication Distance Within 400 Meters
High Light

SS swing gate turnstile


Construction Site swing gate turnstile


IP55 access control turnstile gate

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Product Description

Bridge swing gates construction site ticket checking access control system


Function description:
◇The button force of the swing arm can be adjusted in 10 levels, the opening and closing speed can be adjusted in multiple stages, the speed of the opening acceleration can be adjusted, the deceleration speed can be adjusted, the angle of the deceleration interval can be adjusted, and the angle of the in-position positioning point can be adjusted, which is convenient for users to set according to actual needs. Certainly;
◇ During the reset process of the swing arm, when a sudden external force reverses the swing arm behavior, the swing arm can automatically start the reverse thrust immediately, and issue an alarm to remind surrounding security personnel and users to prevent unauthorized entry and exit in time and other accidents. occurs, after the external force disappears, it can automatically return to the zero position to ensure the next normal passage of the brushless access gate;
◇A new generation of industrial-grade ARM control system is independently developed by Baowei Company. The brushless motor anti-collision swing gate has added multi-function digital settings, the opening counts the seconds, and the number of people is displayed, making the brushless swing gate more scientific, excellent and intuitive;
◇More intelligent alarm mode, if there are people in the channel, there will be an intermittent sound alarm when the time is up to prevent clipping, and if the person has not completely passed the time, the sound will continue to sound, and the reverse will break into the gate and alarm.
◇ Automatic reset function:
(1) After the legal pass signal is given, if no one passes within the specified pass time (adjustable), the system will automatically restore the swing arm to the blocking position and cancel the pass.
(2) The system is abnormal or illegal, resulting in the swing arm not returning to the blocking zero position. After the set time (adjustable) is exceeded, the system automatically restores the swing arm to the blocking zero position.
◇ Anti-illegal break-in function: When the controlled passage is not given a legal passage signal or the passage is prohibited, forcibly entering the passage will be regarded as an illegal break-in, and the system will automatically alarm and ensure that the swing arm is closed.
◇ Anti-reverse intrusion function: When swiping a card in a certain direction to open the door, pedestrians entering the passage from the opposite direction will be regarded as a reverse intrusion, the system will automatically alarm and close the swing arm, and the swing arm will be opened at the next time when the reverse person leaves. , so that normal passers-by do not need to swipe the card twice.
◇ Power-on self-test function: When the device is powered on or restarted, it will automatically detect whether the function is normal, and if any abnormality is found, it will alarm and prompt with a code.
◇ Anti-pinch and anti-bump function:
(1) Infrared anti-pinch: install infrared detectors in the area near Baowei swing arm movement (anti-pinch area), once a person or object is detected in the anti-pinch area, the swing arm automatically stops; until the person or object leaves the anti-pinch area After that, the swing arm will continue to move.
(2) Mechanical anti-pinch: When the swing arm encounters an obstacle during the closing process, the swing arm will stop and the motor will idle for 2 seconds to detect whether the object leaves. If there is still an object, the motor stops; adjustable) within a safe range.
◇ Anti-collision function: Using Baowei Intelligent's original mechanical structure, the brushless anti-collision swing gate has a buffer function when illegal traffic or rushing occurs, and activates instant multi-stage reverse thrust, issues an alarm, and greatly reduces the brushless speed. Mechanical damage to the swing gate due to collision;
◇ Emergency escape function: It is equipped with the function of automatically opening the swing arm and the function of emergency signal input when the power is turned off, so that the gate is in an open state, which is convenient for crowd evacuation, and meets the fire protection requirements (optional remote control).
◇ Compatibility: Equipped with dry contact signal input interface and wide threshold level signal output interface, compatible with various access control controllers

The gate shell is made of stainless steel wire drawing board. The whole machine equipment includes: stainless steel main column, attached column, attached railing, swing arm, motor, circuit control module, and power module.
The gate is beautiful and elegant in appearance, rain-proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof and durable.
The gate has the functions of fault self-checking and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.
The gate has the function of automatic opening after power failure, self-checking when incoming calls and automatic recovery in the locked state.
The gate has a variety of working modes to choose from, which can read the card in both directions, or read the card while the card is prohibited in the other direction, while reading the card and pass freely in the other direction, and the working mode of the gate can be set through the main board menu. Certainly.
The whole system of the turnstile runs smoothly and has low noise.
The gate has 485 remote control opening and closing functions to meet the special needs of users and fire safety requirements.
The gate anti-shock function, when no signal to open the gate is received, the swing arm is automatically locked.
The gate has anti-pinch and anti-collision functions. When the swing arm is blocked in the process of resetting, the motor will automatically stop working within a specified time, and it will restart after the default delay.


Channel width 600mm-1100mm
Swing arm length outside the chassis ≤51cm
Opening speed 0.5 seconds
Number of people passing 40 people/minute
Working environment -40°C~80°C
Relative humidity ≤90%, no condensation
Gate opening signal relay
Cabinet material 304 stainless steel
Box thickness 1.5mm
Drive current >10mA


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